Top 10 Headphones

As Reviewed by You!

Headphone Type: 

Rank Model Overall Score Value Price (US$) Reviews
1JH Audio JH13 PRO9.410.011001Add review
2Sony Q010-MDR19.15.026001Add review
3Ultimate Ears UE-11 PRO9.17.511502Add review
4Grado HP-29.07.014001Add review
5Audio-Technica ATH-L30008.87.920007Add review
6Sennheiser IE-88.68.52302Add review
7Shure SRH18408.65.07001Add review
8Shure SRH-14408.67.03991Add review
9Beyerdynamic Tesla T18.58.012951Add review
10Sennheiser HE908.55.075003Add review

NB: Remember to take the number of reviews for each type of headphones into account.  If there's a small number of reviews the scores can be heavily influenced by one extreme review.