Headphone Recommendations

The whole idea of headphonereviews.org is that experienced users share their experience with others, to help you choose the right headphones for you. Nevertheless we get a lot of emails asking what headphones people should buy, so we've put together a few recommendations for you. Please remember these are our opinions based on what we've tried ourselves, what we've read, and what the users here on headphonereviews.org have told us, so please read the reviews for any headphones you're considering purchasing. There are just a small selection of the many different types of headphones available, please take a look around our website to find the best headphones for you.

These recomemndations are a bit old, but the brands and some models are still great.

Headphones For Portable Use

Do you need some new headphones to use with your iPod? All of these headphones will be a big upgrade in sound quality and comfort from the stock headphones that come with most mp3 players. Canal phones are our recommendation and preference.

Name Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 Pro
Price $195
Very highly regarded by our reviewers for its balanced sound, fantastic detail, and comfort. Personally I prefer the EB version, for a bit more punch in the bass, but the EB's are quite a bit larger. Available in a variety of colors.

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Name Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 EB
Price $179
All the precision of the standard Super.fi 5 Pro, with extra kick in the bass. These are the best in-ear phones i've tried, though they may have a bit much bass for some people. Available in a variety of colors.

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Name Etymotic Research ER6i
Price $96
Great detail for the price, excellent isolation, and comfortable, but it's not people who like lots of bass.

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Name Creative EP630
Price $31
Amazing value, very good sound, with some isolation. Great for a commuter.

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Name Sony EX71
Price $34
Lots of bass, good detail, and some isolation. Great for commuting or at the gym.

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Name Koss KSC75
Price $34
Great value and good sound for people who don't like canal phones.

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Headphones For Home or Work (Closed)

Closed headphones are best if you need to block out the noise of TVs, phones, people talking, etc.

Name Sennheiser 280 Pro
Price $80
Good value closed headphones. They need a graphic equalizer to bring up the bass and bring down the treble, but once you've done that they sound fantastic.

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Name Audio-Technica A900
Price $199-$249
Very comfortable, great sound even without an EQ, and a good price. Also consider the cheaper A500.

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Headphones For Home or Work (Open)

If your home or workplace is quiet open headphones are generally preferred over closed designs, due to better sound quality and better ventilation. If you have noise around you closed headphones are recommended (above).

Name Sennheiser HD-555
Price $99
The little brother to the HD-595's, a great entry level open headphone.

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Name Sennheiser HD-595
Price $195
These sound great and are easy to drive with a computer or audio player.

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Midrange Audiophile Headphones

Name Sennheiser HD650
Price $399
The top of the Sennheiser range, one of the best headphones ever made: a joy to listen to

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Name Sony MDR SA-5000
Price $395
Highly recommended by our reviewers for its great all-round sound.

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Name Grado SR225
Price $200
Highly recommended by our reviewers, especially for rock, and better value than the SR325.

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