Sennheiser IE-8 Headphone Reviews

Manufacturer Sennheiser Model IE-8
Headphone Type Canal Headband Type None
Weight (g) 5 Driver Type Dynamic
Enclosure Material Plastic Isolation (dB) 26
Impedance (ohms) 16 Cable Length (cm) 120
Frequency Response (Hz) 10 - 20000  
Connector 3.5mm Street Price US$230
Buy from  
Average reviewer scores
Bass Extension 9.0 Bass Impact 8.0
Bass Quality 8.5 Mids Quality 8.5
Highs Quality 9.0 Soundstage 9.0
Detail 9.0 Portability 8.0
Isolation 8.5 Comfort 8.0
Durability 8.5 Improvement With Amplification 8.0
Value for Money 8.5    
Overall Score 8.6 Total Reviews 2

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Reviews by our members

Review by Member texman on 21 Sep 10  17:15
Individual review
Bass Extension9
Bass Impact8
Bass Quality8
Mids Quality9
Highs Quality9

Tested on:
- Cowon D2 mp3 player
- PC with Sound Blaster X-FI

- requeres burn in (very nasty sound for the first hours of play)
+ Excelent Isolation -> very nice sound at very low volume (risc of damaging the ear are lower)
+ Sound clarity/precision Excelent, ideal for clasic music entuziasts
+ travel box with silicon cristals absorbs humidity from the earphones
+ no distorsion at very high volume (i don't recomend using them at high volume)

I bought the phones one year ago and i used them allmost on a daily basis. I recomend them to audiophiles.

Review by Member agoston.berko on 24 Oct 09  12:06
Individual review
Bass Extension9
Bass Impact8
Bass Quality9
Mids Quality8
Highs Quality9

MP3-player: Sandisk Sansa Fuze
Music: FLAC
Amp: Portable FiiO E5

- easy to drive with an MP3 player (you don’t have to turn the volume high)
- extreamly wide soundstage
- not ideal for bicycle because the you hear the wind-noise. The main reason for this is the big plateshape of the speaker’s back
- but the advantage of this shape-form is that you can lie on your side (sleep-rest-chill effect in bed is superb)
- in the first 3 weeks (at average use) the bass is too much, even if you turn the trigger at minimum, but don't be afraid because the burn-in will help a lot
- burn-in time (100-200hours) is annoying but it makes wonder (basically i don’t care about this)
- strange to put the half-ring on your ear (it takes a lots of time but after practise you can handle this faster)
- lot's of detail
- Flac is significantly better than MP3 (320kbit/s)
- expensive but very-very good value
- extreamly high clarity -> not so warm sound signature as iGrado (not so much texture)
- high notes are amazing (i hear even the highest notes supernatural and relaxed-sounding)
- bass is rounded and detailed
- very comfortable

i would say for the sound signature: direct sounding bass monster with highfreq-clarity out of this world and huge soundstage

My Ety ER-4S has no chance...

Sennheiser IE-8