AKG Headphones

Model Type Enclosure Material Reviews Overall Score Price (US$)
Hearo 999 (no decoder)Wireless / BluetoothPlastic16.8299
HEARO 999 Audiosphere II withWireless / BluetoothPlastic16.8449
IP2CanalPlastic0 99
K 242 HDOpen CircumauralPlastic0 200
K 272 HDClosed CircumauralPlastic0 300
K12PEarbudPlastic0 20
K141MOpen SupraauralPlastic0 89
K141SOpen SupraauralPlastic0 99
K181DJClosed SupraauralPlastic15.8150
K240DFOpen CircumauralPlastic0 120
K240MOpen CircumauralPlastic0 95
K240SOpen CircumauralPlastic46.3105
K24POpen SupraauralPlastic0 35
K26PClosed SupraauralPlastic35.050
K270SClosed CircumauralPlastic16.5160
K271SClosed CircumauralPlastic76.6166
K301Open CircumauralPlastic15.890
K340Open CircumauralPlastic18.1200
K401Open CircumauralPlastic25.3120
K420Open SupraauralPlastic0 45
K44Closed CircumauralPlastic15.220
K500Open CircumauralPlastic0 90
K501Open CircumauralPlastic97.3150
K530Open CircumauralPlastic0 99
K55Closed CircumauralPlastic0 40
K550Closed CircumauralPlastic0 250
K601Open CircumauralPlastic47.1290
K66Open CircumauralPlastic0 80
K701Open CircumauralPlastic67.8275
K81 DJClosed SupraauralPlastic55.655
Merlin 232Open SupraauralPlastic0 195

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