Review of Cyberdrive Clarity Feather DAC

Along with three of their in-ear headphones, someone (presumably Cyberdrive but I’ve never been in contact with the company as far as I can tell) sent me their “Clarity Feather Hi-Res Notebook DAC” to review. This product is aimed at laptop or desktop users who get poor sound quality from their computers on-board sound. It’s marked “DSD256 + PCM192HHz”. Read on for more of our thoughts.

The Clarity Feature is slightly larger than an average USB stick. It has two buttons on it, but I have no idea what they do because no instructions were included with it – this could be because it’s a release unit, though it came in a nice box and looks like a finished product.

The first thing I did for this review was plug it into my Windows 10 desktop. Something appeared in my sound devices, but I couldn’t get sound out of it. I emailed the company using the contact form on their website and didn’t get any kind of a reply, and they don’t let people post to their Facebook wall, I have to assume customer service is not a priority for them. I eventually found drivers for a different Cyberdrive DAC on their blog and they turned out to work.

The picture on the box suggests they’re meant to drive in-ear headphones, but I plugged my Audeze LCD2 into them and they worked just fine with the volume set to 50%. It’s little less powerful than the sound built into my computer, but I think it should drive most headphones without an amplifier.

The box says “music will never sound the same”, but I think that might be overstating things a little. Doing a head to head test using the LCD2 between my computers motherboard and the Clarity Feather I’d have to give it to the Clarity by a nose. I think I heard a little more treble detail and a little more bass response. However my computer has pretty decent sound, computers I’ve had in the past have had pretty terrible sound, with buzzing and popping, this would’ve been a big improvement.

Overall if the sound from your computer is lacking in any way then the Cyberdrive Feather is highly likely to improve your musical experience.



clarify feather dac1

clarify feather dac2

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