Audio Technica ATH-A900X review – very disappointed

The A900X is a big step backward for the ATH-A family of headphones, primarily because the poor support offered by the new 3D wing design results in the headphone cups slipping down and resting on your ears. I strongly recommend against purchasing these headphones.

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Recently my fantastic original A900 headphones were stolen, I was dismayed to discover that they’re no longer available. I was initially happy to discover an updated A900X model, though my research indicated the 3D wing system didn’t offer much support.

My own A900X headphones arrived today, I’m sorry to report that the new 3D wing system is nowhere near as good as the older system. The support is so poor that the headphones slip down your head until the cups rest on your ears, making them uncomfortable. I’m not even going to plug them in, I’m going to contact the distributor (Audio Cubes) and Audio Technica first to see if there’s anything that can be done. I’ll update this post with their replies, if they reply.

For now I have a strong “do not buy” rating on the Audio-Technica A500X, A700X, and A900X.


– Audio Technica Singapore say they think the headphones are faulty, but they can’t help me as I live in New Zealand. When I clicked on the New Zealand link on their global site it referred me to Singapore, not Australia, which puzzles me. They are going to try to refer the case to Australia or their HQ.

– Based on the reply from Audio Technica, AudioCubes will repair the headphones. This will take up to two months, including shipping. This seems unreasonable and not great customer service to me, why should I wait two months when it’s not my fault the headphones are faulty?

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