Fanny Wang Headphones

A week or so ago we received an email from Fanny Wang asking if we’d like to review their headphones. After we finished sniggering about the name we said sure, we’d love to.

You may recognise the name from the recent news about Monster suing Fanny Wang over claims they’re a knock-off of the Monster Beats.

I have both headphones sitting side by side on my desk, and there is a heck of a resemblance. Did they copy them? I don’t know, and it’s not for me to decide. Both are good looking headphones though. The Beats are more comfortable as they’re an over the ear model, but Fanny Wang are pretty good for on-ear models, and they’re coming out with an over the ear noise cancelled product in a month or so.

First impressions are the drivers in the Fanny Wang headphones are quite poorly matched, with the left driver being significantly louder than the right. If i’d paid for these i’d return them for exchange or refund right away. I’ll try to do a fair review of the headphones given this obvious fault, but it will obviously lose points for such a basic problem.

I’m leaving the headphones to burn in for a day or so, i’ll post a full review once they’re ready.

4 thoughts on “Fanny Wang Headphones”

  1. Hello all, I have both Wangs and beats and didn’t have the issues with one being louder, I actually felt the Wangs sounded a lil better and design is somewhat similar but I do like the groves and duojack.

  2. This seems like a very obscure brand of headphone. Haven’t ever heard of them. Based on what you said about the drivers and their problems with Monster, their obscurity must be warranted.

    1. Not at all, I discriminate equally, including against my own race and color. Fanny and Wang are slang for female and male reproductive organs in English, so it’s like calling your company “Vag**a and Pe**s Headphones”.

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