Model Type Enclosure Material Reviews Overall Score Price (US$)
Fidelio L1Closed CircumauralAluminium18.0299
Fidelio M1Closed SupraauralPlastic14.3250
HP 910Open CircumauralPlastic27.270
HP-460Closed SupraauralPlastic24.740
HP890Open CircumauralPlastic0 130
SBC HP820Open CircumauralPlastic0 29
SBC HS520Street StylePlastic13.510
SBC HS900Closed CircumauralPlastic15.840
SHP2000Closed CircumauralPlastic0 15
SHP2500Closed CircumauralPlastic24.420
SHP805Open CircumauralPlastic15.130
SHP8900Open CircumauralPlastic16.7120
SHP895Open CircumauralPlastic25.666
SHS391Street StylePlastic14.613

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