Koss Headphones

Model Type Enclosure Material Reviews Overall Score Price (US$)
A130Closed CircumauralPlastic0 70
A250Open CircumauralPlastic0 100
ESP950Open CircumauralPlastic0 599
KSC-50CliponsAluminium0 20
KTX-Pro1Open SupraauralPlastic24.515
MV1Closed SupraauralTitanium0 125
PortaproOpen SupraauralPlastic115.750
PRO-4AATClosed CircumauralTitanium25.464
QZ5Noise cancellingPlastic0 50
R200Closed CircumauralPlastic0 80
R80Closed CircumauralPlastic0 50
SPARKPLUGCanalPlastic0 15
SportaproOpen SupraauralPlastic0 30
The PlugCanalPlastic14.810
UR20Closed CircumauralPlastic24.425
UR21Closed CircumauralPlastic13.720
UR40Closed CircumauralPlastic14.140

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