Grado SR125 Headphone Reviews

Manufacturer Grado Model SR125
Headphone Type Open Supraaural Headband Type Single
Weight (g) 240 Driver Type Dynamic
Enclosure Material Plastic Isolation (dB) 0
Impedance (ohms) 32 Cable Length (cm) 200
Frequency Response (Hz) 20 - 20000  
Connector 6.5mm Street Price US$150
Buy from  
Average reviewer scores
Bass Extension 7.0 Bass Impact 7.0
Bass Quality 7.0 Mids Quality 6.5
Highs Quality 6.5 Soundstage 6.0
Detail 7.5 Portability 5.5
Isolation 0.0 Comfort 6.5
Durability 7.0 Improvement With Amplification 6.0
Value for Money 7.5    
Overall Score 6.8 Total Reviews 2

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Reviews by our members

Review by Member baka1969 on 05 Oct 08  14:10
Individual review
Bass Extension8
Bass Impact8
Bass Quality8
Mids Quality9
Highs Quality8

The Grado SR-225 is every bit an upgrade to the Grado SR-80

Everything the 80 does the 225 does even better. There is a bit more detail. A good deal more bass. The separation of the instruments is just something to behold. These headphones are more balanced than it's little brother. The soundstage is sinful. It's like you're on a small stage with the musicians. You can directionally place everyone in the band.

It's funny how quickly you can adapt to incredible sound. After a day listening to just the SR-225 I put on the 80 to remember something and the significance in sound can't be ignored.

Review by Member amy_w036 on 21 May 07  13:41
Individual review
Bass Extension6
Bass Impact6
Bass Quality6
Mids Quality4
Highs Quality5

Not a bad pair of headphones, but the SR225 is noticeably better. The bass is decent, mids have a "hardness" to them and sound unclear, and highs are typically Grado bright. The SR225 has a smoother and more exciting sound IMO.

Grado SR125
Grado SR125