Arctic P311 Headphone Reviews

Manufacturer Arctic Model P311
Headphone Type Wireless / Bluetooth Headband Type Single
Weight (g) 71 Driver Type Dynamic
Enclosure Material Plastic Isolation (dB) 10
Impedance (ohms) 0 Cable Length (cm) 0
Frequency Response (Hz) 20 - 20000  
Connector Other Street Price US$38
Buy from  
Average reviewer scores
Bass Extension 5.0 Bass Impact 5.0
Bass Quality 3.0 Mids Quality 3.0
Highs Quality 4.0 Soundstage 5.0
Detail 3.0 Portability 7.0
Isolation 5.0 Comfort 5.0
Durability 5.0 Improvement With Amplification 0.0
Value for Money 6.0    
Overall Score 4.1 Total Reviews 1

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Reviews by our members

Review by Lead Reviewer commando on 29 Sep 10  13:36
Individual review
Bass Extension5
Bass Impact5
Bass Quality3
Mids Quality3
Highs Quality4

The P311 are bluetooth headphones, meant to connect to cellphones. They're a behind the head style headphone, presumably meant to be ultra portable. They work well in that you can leave your cellphone somewhere within a few meters of where you are, and you can hear the music with no wires. This would be great for the gym or during exercise.

I connected the headphones to my Nokia 5130 XpressMusic cellphone, and loaded up a few of my favorite tracks. Connecting the cellphone to the headset was very simple and trouble free.

When I first tried to put the headphones on I tried to wear them like regular headphones, putting them over my head. I presumed the arms must extend to reach my ears, and proceeded to pull them reasonably hard trying to extend them, which isn't how they work at all. They stood up quite well to the abuse, and I eventually realised they were a behind the head type of headphone. I'm not a fan of this style of headphone, I prefer to take the weight on my head not on my ears, but they work fine and are reasonably comfortable.

The sound is about what you'd expect from a bluetooth device being driven from a cellphone. The bass goes surprisingly low for such small speakers, and there's a bit of oomph to it too. The bass is a little boomy, and it's not like full sized headphones, but it's ok. Mid and vocals are there, but they're a little recessed and muffled, though they're not unpleasent. The high frequencies are there but they're a little weaker and less crisp than i'd like, and they could go higher. They're comparable with cheap earbuds, sound quality wise.

Running with the headphones on was reasonably comfortable. The way I was wearing them the headband sat on top of my ears, preventing them slipping, which means with each step they pushed on the top of my ear. Given the light weight this was reasonably comfortable, though I probably wouldn't want to run for a half hour wearing them. Cycling or similar activities would be fine, but outside you'd have to contend with wind noise.

Overall, given the price and that they're bluetooth headphones, the sound is acceptable and they're quite good value. They'll never be confused with an audiophile level headset, and there's plenty of room for improvement, but if you're after ok sound for the gym or on the move at a budget price they're a reasonable option.

Arctic supplied the headphones for this review.

Arctic P311