Sony MDR-XD400 Headphone Reviews

Manufacturer Sony Model MDR-XD400
Headphone Type Closed Circumaural Headband Type Double
Weight (g) 260 Driver Type Dynamic
Enclosure Material Plastic Isolation (dB) 10
Impedance (ohms) 24 Cable Length (cm) 250
Frequency Response (Hz) 5 - 30000  
Connector 3.5mm with 6.5mm adaptor Street Price US$70
Buy from  
Average reviewer scores
Bass Extension 4.0 Bass Impact 5.0
Bass Quality 5.0 Mids Quality 5.0
Highs Quality 5.0 Soundstage 4.5
Detail 5.0 Portability 3.0
Isolation 6.5 Comfort 6.0
Durability 6.5 Improvement With Amplification 5.5
Value for Money 4.0    
Overall Score 5.4 Total Reviews 2

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Reviews by our members

Review by Senior Member lensman on 13 Aug 05  11:01
Individual review
Bass Extension4
Bass Impact5
Bass Quality6
Mids Quality4
Highs Quality5

i thought id try a pair of these..after seeing a lot of people on other forums rave about them...well i was sorely dissapointed...loose unfocused bass,hollow midrange with muddy sounding treble, couple with this a daft music/movies switch (which is like the cheap megabass on sony walkmans..rememeber them? :) ) soundstage is pretty grim and does not extend far in bredth or depth..nice and comfy to wear..but the really cheap sandwitch wrap like coating on the ear pads looks like it will last all of a few months..and makes your ears sweaty after just 30 mins use..they do look funky....but thats about it really....

Review by Member Benefit1970 on 27 Dec 08  12:27
Individual review
Bass Extension4
Bass Impact5
Bass Quality4
Mids Quality6
Highs Quality5

I bought these cans a few years ago when I didn't have the money to get the ones I wanted, but I needed some 'phones fast, so I snapped 'em up.

My first impression is that they would break easily because the two bars across the top that hold everything together are rather thin, and they flex a great deal even if you only torque them a little. After years of service, however, I have not found their durability to be an issue. They earpads themselves do seem thin, as the previous reviewer noted, but again, I have seen no wear and tear after using them a few times a week for a hundred or so weeks.

The sound quality is fair. These headphones are at their best across the middle-high range, where the sound is fairly well defined and crisp for the price. Good for high-hats, bells, high vocals, accents, etc. In the low end, it mixes reasonably, but the lower basses seem to get confused and mush into one another without much definition or clarity. You can get them to "thump" a bit, but it sounds more harsh than it does impactful.

They are comfortable for the most part, especially on top of your head, where they rest and balance nicely. One thing I've noticed is that if they aren't positioned properly, your your ears touch the inside of the cup, which after a few minutes gets annoying and can even hurt. The easy solution is to simply reposition the headphones, and they don't slid out of place very much, even if you turn your head around or are bobbing to music. But if you're playing a game or doing something when you can't move your hands and adjust them, it can be a little frustrating.

Everything considered, I like them. I am most surprised with their durability (at least so far), considering how they look and feel. For the money, you can find better headphones, but if you're at a store and these are what's presented to you, I don't have a good argument that would convince you to pass.

By the way, as far as that "movie/music" switch... I have switched it many a time, and am convinced it does absolutely nothing. :-)

Sony MDR-XD400