Sony MDR-V150 Headphone Reviews

Manufacturer Sony Model MDR-V150
Headphone Type Closed Supraaural Headband Type Single
Weight (g) 119 Driver Type Dynamic
Enclosure Material Plastic Isolation (dB) 10
Impedance (ohms) 24 Cable Length (cm) 200
Frequency Response (Hz) 18 - 22000  
Connector 3.5mm Street Price US$10
Buy from  
Average reviewer scores
Bass Extension 2.0 Bass Impact 7.0
Bass Quality 2.0 Mids Quality 4.0
Highs Quality 2.0 Soundstage 3.0
Detail 1.0 Portability 5.0
Isolation 1.0 Comfort 6.0
Durability 6.0 Improvement With Amplification 2.0
Value for Money 6.0    
Overall Score 3.8 Total Reviews 1

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Reviews by our members

Review by Senior Member qazwsx on 22 Jun 07  09:06
Individual review
Bass Extension2
Bass Impact7
Bass Quality2
Mids Quality4
Highs Quality2

Only buy these if the following are your guidelines:

1. You don't really care much about sound quality. -- The sound you get from these headphones, while better than a good amount of closed headphones for $20, is still mediocre. There is a lot of pushment on the lower-mids tones and the highs and detail are very recessed, resulting in a very veiled and boomy sound. Good for DJs or when hi-fi is not necessary.
2. You will be beating them up a lot. -- These seem durable.
3. Isolation ain't too important. -- Despite listing as closed headphones, isolation is oddly terrible.
4. Sensitivity/volume needs to be good. (i.e. these do well for portable players) -- Senstivity and impendance scale well.
5. They need to look good.
6. Long cord is important. -- 2 meters long.
7. They need to be very cheap. -- You can find these in the $10-$20 bracket.

They do okay for TV headphones or if you need a desperate back-up, but the Sennheiser eH150 and the Philips HP460 are better opinions for little more money. But I will say these aren't terrible for $20 closed cans and far too many people give them too bad of a rep, and because of bass impact represent great value for club DJs.

Sony MDR-V150