JVC-Victor HA-FX33 Marshmallow Headphone Reviews

Manufacturer JVC-Victor Model HA-FX33 Marshmallow
Headphone Type Canal Headband Type None
Weight (g) 4 Driver Type Dynamic
Enclosure Material Plastic Isolation (dB) 20
Impedance (ohms) 14 Cable Length (cm) 118
Frequency Response (Hz) 8 - 23000  
Connector 3.5mm Street Price US$19
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Average reviewer scores
Bass Extension 5.7 Bass Impact 5.7
Bass Quality 3.3 Mids Quality 4.0
Highs Quality 4.7 Soundstage 5.7
Detail 5.3 Portability 7.7
Isolation 7.0 Comfort 6.7
Durability 6.3 Improvement With Amplification 2.7
Value for Money 8.0    
Overall Score 5.3 Total Reviews 3

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Reviews by our members

Review by Senior Member qazwsx on 15 Aug 07  19:55
Individual review
Bass Extension7
Bass Impact6
Bass Quality3
Mids Quality3
Highs Quality4

These little JVC Marshmallow buds are very popular and are known as being one of the better inexpensive canalphones, and being easy to apply modification to. Not to mention they are stylish and come in a wide variety of colors (black, blue, pink, and green are avaliable).

Sound quality isn't outstanding, given these are an inexpensive set of buds and have a limited frequency range. Although they don't top the open clip-on headphone KSC75, these canalphones have acceptable sound quality for the drop-dead price. The bass of these is a funny beast. It's quite inaccurate, however it's still very enjoyable and unexplainally musical. The bass extends well deep for a cheap headphone, and the bass is very impactful, but its actual quality is very debatable. The Marshmallow's mids are acceptable. While they don't sound extremely recessed of any nature, and they are reasonable, they seem oddly grating. Male vocals are well represented, though female vocals can ocassionally sound metallic. The highs seemed to open up after awhile. Maybe recessed to a small degree, but the highs are still well represented, in expense that these canalphones are, for the most part, not at all detailed. These Marshmallows, as the name suggests, are very comfortable. I can wear them for long periods of time without any complaints in comfort. And JVC pimps two spare pads. I've read using Shure foam pads make the sound more balanced, but since I enjoy the colorations and am very impressed with the comfort, I don't see the need to switch. The Marshmallows also seem well constructed with a solid build. Another good thing about the Marshmallows is that they have a good amount of isolation. Definitely enough for use in a loud, busy enviorment. Good canalphones for anyone looking for an inexpensive and well-rounded IEM that's fun to listen to. Ideal for travelers and those on-the-go.

Review by Member CraneyR on 10 Mar 09  08:27
Individual review
Bass Extension5
Bass Impact4
Bass Quality2
Mids Quality4
Highs Quality3

JVC Victor HA-FX33 Marshmallow sound good for their price. I found them beautiful. They feel more comfortable than many canal headphones for in fact they securely stay in my ears so I don’t have to insert them back every 5 minutes. Earphones, JVC Victor HA-FX33, are also more durable. One can sleep with them. JVC Victor HA-FX33 are portable like all other earphones. The other advantage is good sound isolation, which makes them great in the times when one listens to the music in public transportation such as train or bus.

However, restrain yourself from using JVC Victor HA-FX33 while walking because every your step and heavy breathing will echo in boomy way in your ears. The earphones, JVC Victor HA-FX33, produce dirty sound. The bass is inacurate, mids are detailed but a still muddy, while highs are piercing. The soundstage is not large because it doesn’t give impression that the sound comes from the large source. If the music is not running, then, the earphones, JVC Victor HA-FX33 start producing hissing sound which is a bit irritating. Also, they have tendency to produce occasional unpleasant electrostatic sound. JVC Victor HA-FX33 don’t meet my comfort requirements for as canal headphones they still need to be driven insight my ears to hear their music. Then, after several hours of usage they start causing serious pain in my ears. Therefore, JVC Victor HA-FX33 are typically not good choice for long listening sessions. Some people like if something got stuck in their ears, I personally don’t. So what to say, if someone cares to spend little money to experience undisturbed ok sound from beautiful, portable, and tiny and cheap device, JVC Victor HA-FX33 Marshmallow would be just right for him or her. However, if you are audiophile who cares about ergonomics and long-term listening, restrain yourself from buying those pieces unless you just like me who keeps collection of crappy headphones.

Review by Member junglepantz on 25 Feb 09  17:26
Individual review
Bass Extension5
Bass Impact7
Bass Quality5
Mids Quality5
Highs Quality7

I find these headphones comparable to my Sennheiser CX300s that cost nearly 6 times the price. I paid a mere $15 CAD for these babies, and they have been huge value for the money spent.

The sound quality and definition that you need is there, and the soundstage is nice and big, with nuances and good acoustics. A nice dynamic range with tight highs that tin out a bit on long extensions, and a nice deep bass that lacks a bit of definition, but has good presence. Mids are nice and clear but lack a bit of strength next to the bass and highs.

The memory foam earpiece is something Ive never tried before but gets a nice snug fit every time, and the body on the earbud itself is the lowest profile Ive seen in a quality headphone, you can literally sleep with these headphones in, they feel like earplugs.

Good stuff.

JVC-Victor HA-FX33 Marshmallow