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Date Joined 01 Jan 2005
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Headphones Owned current: AKG K501, Sennheiser HD580, Shure E4, Audio-Technica A500, Grado SR-60, Etymotic ER6, Sony MDR-E888, Koss KSC-35, Sennheiser HD201, Sennheiser MX400, Sennheiser MX350

Past: Beyerdynamic DT880, Beyerdynamic DT250-80, Sennheiser HD595, Alessandro MS-1, Grado SR-80, Grado SR-40, Sony MDR-XD200, Sennheiser HD212PRO, Sennheiser HD202
Related Equipment Owned Amps: DIY M^3, DIY PIMETA, DIY CMoy, a whole lot of op-amps

Sources: E-MU 0404, Chaintech AV-710, Pioneer DV-563A, modded Cambridge Audio DacMagic 2 MkII, iAudio X5, junkyard Onkyo TX-27
Notes Auditioned and borrowed more than I've bought for myself, partly out of curiosity and partly out of cheapness.

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