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Username Sol Rage
Date Joined 28 Dec 2004
User Status Senior Member
Number of reviews submitted 3
Headphones Owned Own: Sony MDR-R10, Grado RS-1, Senn HD650

Owned: HD280 pro, Beyer DT880, Grado SR225, Sony CD3000

Tried extensively: Sony Qualia, Stax Omega II, Audio Technica ATH-A900, A1000, L-3000s

Tried briefly: Grado PS1, AKG K1000

Related Equipment Owned Current source: Rega Jupiter
Current headphone amp: Single Power Supra modded for R10s with several NOS 67N7s

Owned: too many to list.

Notes I don't even remember my head-fi username since I never post on there. I just thought I might review some headphones for your site. What qualifies me? Well, I've been in search for the perfect audio system for little over 10 years now. About 5 years ago I moved into an appt. and sold my speaker setup and got into the headphone game. Since then I've found that I actually enjoy the world of headphones just as much as speakers. Not sure what "qualifies" me other than I think I've trained my ears pretty well to hear tone and that I'm a very fair judge.

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