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Headphones Owned Beyer DTX10, DTX20, DTX30, DTX40, DT131, 150, DT231, DT231Galactic, DTX700, 800, 900, DT331, DT531, DT250-80/250, DT770pro/770/770pro-80ohm/770M, DT990/990pro, DT831, DT931, DT660, DT860, DT880, RSX500, RSX600, Sennheiser HD495, 497, 202, 212pro, 280pro, 515, 555, 595, 580, 590, 600, 650, mx300, mx400, mx500, mx450, mx550, PMX60, PC130, PC150, PX100, PX200, PXC250, HD25-1, RS110, RS120, RS65, RS85, Audio Technica ATH-EQ2, EQ3, EQ5, EM5, EM9(d/r), EW9, CM5, CM7, AD300, AD400, AD500, AD5, AD7, A500, A700, A900, A1000ti, W100, W1000, L3000, Pro700, Ultrasone HFI-15G, 2000G, 500DJ1, 650Trackmaster, 700DVD, Proline 555, 650, 750, 2500, DJ1Pro, Koss KSC-35, 50, 55, 75, 22, KTX4, UR20, UR30, UR40, SB40, CS80, Portapro, ThePlug, Etymotic ER-6, ER-6i, ER-4P, ER-4S, Shure E2c, E3c, E5c, AKG K71/71TV, K141S, K301Xtra, K240S, K171S, K401, K501, K1000, Philips HP800, HP890, HP910. Probably some I've missed out.
Related Equipment Owned ART DI/O, NAD C542, Cambridge Azur 540C/640C, Arcam CD73, Creek OBH-11, 11SE, 21, 21SE, Rega EAR, Mint, Cmoy, Pimeta, Talisman T-31H, T-3H, T-35HP, Sugden Headmaster, MG Head DT, MG Head OTL Mk2, MG Head OTL32, MF X-Cans V1, V2, V3.
Notes Head-fi username as per the same, I run :)

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