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Headphones Owned Sony MDR-V600, Sony MDR-XD400, Sony MDR-V7509DJ
Related Equipment Owned 6 line Mixer with which I use to record and mix music, Sennheiser microphone with which to record vocals and ambiance, Cakewalk.
Notes I make music and also listen to a good deal of music, and I believe that sound playback quality is as important to a musician as print quality is to a photographer. Many of the reviews I read here seem to come from DJ's and those for whom a blanced listening experience is less important than being able to pick out every aspect of the music. But if you're a fan, you don't care to hear how defined the bass is, you want to be able to feel it in context with the other vocals/instruments. I also write for the Corvallis Gazette-Times ( and the Linn-Benton Commuter (, and I think my writing would be an asset to your site. By the way, I bought my girlfriend a good pair of 'phones because of this site, so thank you! I hope you give me the opportunity to repay the favor by giving my opinion of headphones I either own, will own, or have the opportunity to test. Thanks -Brandon

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