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Headphones Owned Current: Beyerdynamic DT531 Etymotic ER4P/S Stax SRS202 Altec Lansing iM716 Headphones(previously owned): AKG K240S/K501/K701 Alessandro MS1 Audio Technica ATH-A900 Beyerdynamic DT880-03/990pro-03 Equation Audio RP21 Goldring DR150 Grado SR80/225/325 Sennheiser HD485/580/595/650 Ultrasone HFI550/700DVD IEMs and portables (previously owned): Denon D2000 recabled with D5000 cable AKG K81DJ Audio Technica CM7Ti Creative EP630 Crossroads Mylarone X3 Futuresonics Atrio M5 JBL Reference 220 JVC Marshmallows Koss KSC75 Sennheiser PX200 Shure E2c/E4c Ultimate Ears 5 pro Yuin PK2
Related Equipment Owned Pioneer Vintage CD Player Stax SRM1-MKII Zero DAC
Notes Head-fi username: glac1er Experience with many popular headphones but experience with good setups is rather limited.

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