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Username nickchen
Date Joined 24 Jan 2008
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Number of reviews submitted 9
Headphones Owned MS Pro, CD3000, DT880'2003, MS1, K271, K81, MS2i, DT990 (~1990), DT770'250, DT531, HD595, A900, PX100 (all), KSC75, Portapro, EP630, Vivanco SR950
Related Equipment Owned My amps: Millet Hybrid, 18V-Cmoy (LM4562), pimped up BTech - sometimes coupled with Phonic Tube Enhancer - Other amps I tried: Aria, Opera, Arietta, GS1, that 100 ohm Beyer thing, Minił and Penguin ...don't believe in reasonable sound tuning with amps and cables though...
Notes Headfi username: nickchen - Other fons I tried out at meetings (easy in Germany), in order of sympathy: MS Pro "Ultimate", CD3000, DT880'03, K701, W5000, SR4070, MS1000, DT880'05, MS Pro, SR404/303, K271, A900TI, US E9, MS1, PS1, MS2i, HD650, GS1000, K601, W2002, W10, DT770(2005), D2000, MB Quart 400, ES7, DT531, Proline 900, PX100, SR202, HD600, K1000, DT770(2003), ANC7, A900/950LTD, HFI 680, DT990, HD25-1, SJ5, W1000, SR225, D1000, K24, K401, SR325, K530LTD, K240 Sextett MP, CD480, KSC75/PP, AD2000, SA5000, SR007, HD5*5, V700, EP630, SR950, DT770M, K240M, K26/27

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