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Username Thai Fighter
Date Joined 13 Sep 2007
User Status Member
Number of reviews submitted 8
Headphones Owned Sennheiser HD212, HD497, HD477, HD205, HD215, eH150, CX300, MX500, MX400 Philips SHE9500, SHP8900, SHP895, SHP805, SBC-HS820, HP1000 AKG k26p
Related Equipment Owned Primary source: PC equipped with an Audiotrak Prodigy HD2 sound card (original op amps replaced with three LM6172IN's).
Notes My head-fi username: Thai Fighter. I'm just a beginner, to be sure, but I've owned plenty of headphones, I also spend a lot of time daily on listening to music. I've exclusively used headphones for that purpose for 2 years. I've picked up the basics as far as describing the sonic performance of headphones goes.

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