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Headphones Owned Well, I've tried a bit more than what I own. I've tried a couple samples from everyone, I've tried the SR60, SR125, and SR225 from Grado, for example. I've tried a few Ultrasone cans, a few from Koss, and a couple from AKG. But I've tried almost all of the Senn's, from HD555-HD650, and a lot of the bargain phones. I haven't tried HIGH, HIGH end 'phones, but a good amount to seperate good from bad in my own words. I myself use a Sennheiser EH350 (Street $149) for my home purposes. It fits my source very well. It's probably one of the best <$200 'phones I've tried.
Related Equipment Owned iPod 5th gen, and a Sony CMTHP10 Microsystem. Sony gets a lot of bad rep on their 'phones, but their sources are nice.
Notes I know I probably am not the most skilled person out there when it comes to headphones, but I think I've got a good enough image of what is good or bad from what I've tried or owned. My Head-Fi username is qazwsx.

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