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Date Joined 26 Feb 2007
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Headphones Owned Koss UR21, HD202, PX100, Koss Porta Pros, Senn EH350, Senn HD555, Sony MDRV6, and have tried (but not owned) the AKG K-1000, the Senn HD650, and a Shure E2C
Related Equipment Owned I don\'t really buy headphones with amps, therefore I won\'t be reviewing any equipment or hp\'s that require equipment anyhow. My sources are an iPod, a (suprisingly solid) Sony home system, and a computer with a Yahama sound card that sounds damn good.
Notes Well, I don\'t own any amps, really I don\'t buy headphones that need one anyhow. I\\\'ve been buying headphones for a long time and know what sounds good. My head fi username is the same as this one I\'m registring, though I haven\\\'t made a lot of posts on it yet.

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