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Headphones Owned A900 (sold); Shure E3 and E4; SR225 (sold); RS-1 (returned due to cosmetic wood reasons); GS-1000 (sold); HD650; ATH-L3000.
Related Equipment Owned Owned ESound E5, Rega Apollo. I currently own the Saturn and the VPI Scout. Spent about two weeks with the G08 and hours with the 508.24, mod Denon 3910. I've owned the Hornet. Spent at least two weeks if not more in my home with each of the following amps: Raptor, MPX3, EC-SS, and GS-1. I've also heard the Dynahi/Dynamite extensively (few hours) under ideal listening conditions. I currently own the Eddie Current (branded Moth Audio) EC2A3 amp. I own the Sony D-555 and the Rio Karma as my portable gear. I've also got Moth Audio Cicada Speakers. Heard nearly ever Grover Huffman cable after the UR3s plus the M-Paths and Cardas Neutral Reference. There's much more, but it would be extremely enthusiastic to list it all.
Notes My Head-Fi username is 909. I've been listening to headphones seriously since joining Head-Fi, but have been an audio nut now going on two and half decades. I play guitar, but within the last eight years not as much as I did the previous eight. I've hosted the past two So. Cal Meets where I've had the opportunity to spend extensive time with gear. Especially the last meet where I spent the night and listened to nearly everything that interested me such as but not limited to, the Orpheus, HD600, HD595, K701, PS-1, L3000, W5000s, HE60, K1000s, DT990s, R10 etc... (I believe the K1000s, HP2, and HE60s where heard under meet conditions and Iíve heard the R10s three times, but once at a mini-meet and also the HP1). I've heard nearly every, if not all amps and protos made by Eddie Current. And sources such as the Wadia 860, Cary 306/200, and Esoteric UX-3 just to name a few. I could probably provide more, but that's probably enough (it's late right now anyway). Well, I've learned more listening, comparing, and having an open mind about things instead of regurgitate information and make my own subjective opinions about things. If I agree with others that fine and if not it doesnít really brother me because we all have our own preferences, listen on different set-ups and to different music (usually). I see headphones as an important part of the audio chain, yet they are extremely influential and convey an individual characteristics and sound signature as to what we hear and how we hear it. Oh, and I like headphones, really like them.

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