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Headphones Owned Currently own AKG K601, Alessandro MS1, Shure E2C, Koss Portapro. Have owned Sennheiser HD495, HD595, PX100, PX200, Grado SR60, Sony W.Ears (many years ago), some other Sennheisers I can never remember the name of, open-backed, supra-aural, cost 35 in 1998, grey plastic bar orbiting the black vinyl headband, quite cool-looking.
Related Equipment Owned Meier Audio Corda Headfive amplifier running off a Beresford TC7510 DAC and a Marantz CD67 MKII CD player (with knackered analogue outs, hence the DAC).
Notes SickMouthy is my HeadFi username; I'm also an occasional freelance music journalist and have written several articles about sound quality and modern production / mixing / mastering techniques, blah blah; other cans I've heard include Beyerdynamic DT311, Sennheiser CX300, various nasty Sony / Panasonic etcetera things, and lots of bizarre cans by companies like Monacor at work (I run the music/film dept. of a university library).

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