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Headphones Owned Audio-Technica A900 Blu-Tak Modded Audio-Technica A900 AKG K340 Bass-Heavy AKG K340 Bass-Light Modded AKG K340 Bass-Light
Related Equipment Owned Emu 1212M DarkVoice 336i Upgraded DarkVoice 336i - with many tubes
Notes Head-Fi user name: KT88 (Full size-only, I don't like any other type): Audio-Technica ATH-A900 AKG K340/701/601/501 BeyerDynamic DT880/931 Grado SR60/80/125/225/325/325i Grado GS-1000 Sennheiser EH150/250/350 Sennheiser HD202/280/485/555/580/595/600 STAX SRS-3030/SR-007 (Omega2) Amps: DIY M3, DarkVoice 336i (With Upgrades, LittleDot 2, LittleDot 2++, Meier Corda HA-1, Pimeta, Go-vibe 5, Sigle-Power MPX3-Slam (With Upgrades), Vincent KVH-111 Source: Meridian G08, Consenance CDP, Gamut CD1-Mk2, etc... Sound Cards: Creative Audigy 2ZS, Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic, Emu 0404, Emu 1212M, ESI [email protected], M-Audio Audiophile 2496...

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