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Username walkman666
Date Joined 15 Dec 2004
User Status Senior Member
Number of reviews submitted 3
Headphones Owned Grado SR-225, Audio-Technica ATH-A900, Shure e3, Shure e2, Beyerdynamic DT-231, Koss (S)Porta-Pro/KSC-35, Audio-Technica L3000, Shure E4, Shure E5, Shure E500
Related Equipment Owned Pimeta (ShellbrookLab), Porta Corda MKII, RSA Horent, RSA Tomahawk, Gilmore Lite w/PS, iBasso D2,
Notes Casual listening to headphones past 10 years, high interest in musical quality, decent mid-fi home stereo system (Sim Audio source & Int Amp, Totem spkrs)

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