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Username ijan
Date Joined 31 Dec 2006
User Status Senior Member
Number of reviews submitted 5
Headphones Owned AKG K701, Grado SR60, RS-1, Sennheiser HD555, HD595, Koss KSC75, Philips HP40, HP60, HP250, HP800, HP890, SHP895, SHE9500
Related Equipment Owned PPA, PIMETA, STEPS, LD2+
Notes EMU-0404, EMU-1212m, Zhaolu D2.5A, M-Audio SuperDAC 2496, Audigy 2ZS, Prodigy 7.1LT, Philips PSC805, OpAmps, OPA637, OPA627, OPA134, OPA227, OPA228, LM311, 5532, 4066, Tubes, CV4015, W77, EF92 [MODDED : All of the ABOVE amps, speakers & sources]

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