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Username Iron_Dreamer
Date Joined 15 Dec 2004
User Status Senior Member
Number of reviews submitted 31
Headphones Owned Own:

JH Audio JH13pro

Koss KSC75

Sennheiser HD201

Shure SRH-840

Have Owned:

AKG K270S, K271S (with Mobius and Equinox cables)

Audio-Technica L3000, W5000, W11JPN

Beyerdynamic DT 531, DT 831, DT 770pro 250ohm, DT 770pro 80ohm, DT 880 (03), DT990 250ohm (05)

Grado RS1, SR325

Sennheiser MX400, HD590 (with Equinox cable), HD600 (with Equinox cable), HD650 (with Cardas, Headphile, and stock balanced cables)

Shure E500PTH, E5C

Sony CD3000, SA5000

Ultrasone HFI-700

Related Equipment Owned Headamp Pico DAC/Amp, iRiver iHP-120, Sandisk Sansa Clip 4GB
Notes same head-fi username, in excess of 9000 posts and still going :D

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