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Headphones Owned Sony MDR-V6 & MDR-Q68LW; Grado SR60, SR225, and SR325i; Westone UM2; Shure E4C & E4C; Beyer DT880; Denon W5000, Audio Technica EC7, ES7, AD2000 & W5000; Senn HD201, HD600 & HD650; AKG K81DJ & K701
Related Equipment Owned Aiwa XP-V70 CD player; PA2v2; Xenos 3HA amp; Z-Audio Lambda amp; Xin Supermacro 3; iPod 3g & 5.5g.
Notes spinali is my Head-Fi user name. I've authored blogs and postings on the UM2; k701; and on headphone break-in.

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