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Date Joined 09 Oct 2006
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Headphones Owned Stax Gammas,Jecklin Floats, Westone UM-2, Westone UM-1, Koss KSC-35(x2), Nakamichi SP-7
Related Equipment Owned Stax SRD-X
Notes I have 20 years+ experience in high end audio, business at the all levels including retail, distribution, and manufacturing. I worked for Nakamichi during the last of the \"golden years\" (early 90\'s).I was a Jeckin Float distributor for several years. I have many hours of listening experience with my best friend\'s HD-600/Earmax combination. I heard the Orpheus system at the 1999 Stereophile, and have listened to several Grado models. No one has reviewed th HD-500\'s which I owned for a few months and would like to review.Headfi ID is \"audiomagnate\".

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