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Headphones Owned # My headphones in preference order: 1. Sennheiser HD650 - 2. Sennheiser HD25-Sp1 - 3. Koss PortaPro / Sennheiser PX100 - 4. Sennheiser MX400 - 5. Sony MDR-V300 # Sold or died: Grado Sr-60 + FLATS (another happy audiophile) / Sennheiser HD590 Prestige (awful hollow sound; probably not properly burned-in? nah...) / Sennheiser HD497 (very equilibrated, but Grado sr-60 is better!) / Sennheiser HD565 Ovation (really good, but now there is the HD650!!!) / Sennheiser HD280Pro Silver (good but kinda bright for my taste) / Sennheiser HD455 (my second decent headphone) / Sony MDR44 (my first beloved decent headphone) / Sony MDR-V100 Mk2 (cheapest old mdr-v crap) / Sony MDR-P(CD)180 (wonder if they are headphones...) # Headphones I have listen to for a sufficient time: Grado RS-1 Stax Omega II (powered by LINN SONDEK CD12 and RUDISTOR EGMONT REFERENCE) Sennheiser HD 650 (powered by LINN SONDEK CD12 and RUDISTOR RP-5 Cav)
Related Equipment Owned Rudistor RP3, Marantz CD5400, Marantz CD7300
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