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Username j-pak
Date Joined 22 Jun 2006
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Number of reviews submitted 7
Headphones Owned AKG K1000 Grado HP-2 STAX SR-404 HD650 HD580 HD590 SR-60 SR-225 HF-1 A500 KSC75 Sportapro E2c im716 borrowed in house for number of months: SA5000 E4 RS-1
Related Equipment Owned Pass Aleph 30 poweramp Melos SHA-1 STAX SRM-313 M3 w/ STEPS opa627 RSA SR-71 DAC: EMU0404 soundcard Audigy 1 soundcard Bel Canto DAC2 Lavry DA10
Notes headfi screename= J-Pak Using high end headphones for various genres of music for around 2 years. First got into headphones about 3 years ago.

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