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Username fewtch
Date Joined 04 Nov 2005
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Number of reviews submitted 7
Headphones Owned Sennheiser HD-580, Beyerdynamic DT-880, AKG K501 (on loan), Koss Portapro2 [Gone: Stax SR-34, Senn HD-600, Senn HD-280 Pro, Grado SR-60, Denon AH-D950, Denon AH-D750, Denon AH-D550, Denon AH-D210]
Related Equipment Owned Headsave Home-Vibe, Headsave Go-Vibe. Gone: Headsave Ultra (Meta42), Headsave MiniMe (Mint), Creek OBH-11, Rolls HA-43
Notes Username "fewtch" on head-fi. I'm a budget hi-fi dude, and love finding high end bargains, or even mid-fi gear that inches into the high end for $$peanuts$.

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