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Username ReDVsion
Date Joined 06 Dec 2004
User Status Senior Member
Number of reviews submitted 3
Headphones Owned Alessandro MS2, AKG K240S, Beyerdynamic DT880, Beyerdynamic DT531, Koss Plug, Sharp MD33S, Ultrasone HFI-650
Related Equipment Owned E-Mu 0404 Meier Audio Porta Corda MKII Pro-Ject Model II w/ Stanton 881 MKII S Previously Owned: Headamp Gilmore V1, M-Audio Delta Audiophile 2496
Notes Head-Fi Username: ReDVsion I feel that I have a good enough command of the english language to allow me to verbalize the relatively abstract concepts of music listening. I have heard a fair amount of high-end (and low-end) gear and so am more adept at drawing conclusions on a headphone's sound. I also play piano in my spare time (and have since I was three years old). Music is not just a hobby of mine but an obsession.

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