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Headphones Owned Audio-Technica L3000, W2002, W5000, W10vtg Sennheiser HD650, HD600, HD580, PX100 (sold), HD497 (sold) Grado RS-1, HP-2 (sold), RS-2 (sold), HF-1, SR-225 AKG K1000, K340 (silver recable, sold), K340 (stock, sold), K271S (sold) Koss PortaPro
Related Equipment Owned Amps owned: Singlepower SDS (old chassis, NOS tubes) Audio-Technica AT-HA2002 Audio Valve RKV MkII (sold) Headamp Gilmore V2 (broken), V2-se (sold) Headroom Max (1997 vintage), upgraded Supreme (2004), Little (2002), TotalAirhead (2002) Ray Samuels HR-2 (sold), SR-71 (sold) Sources owned: Meridian G08 Jolida JD100A (NOS tubes, sold) BelCanto DAC2 (sold) Denon DVD-2910 RME Digi 96/8 PAD (sold) ESI [email protected]
Notes head-fi user name is the same as here: mulveling Have also auditioned: Omega II W/ Headmp KGSS (out of my Meridian G08), AKG K401, Sony CD3000, Sony SA5000 (one driver ;)), Home-made electrostatic headphones (!!!), Meridian 588, maxed PPA, AT A100Ti, modded Sony 555ES, modded Pioneer DVD player (tube output), tube modded Music Hall CD-25, Sony 777es, ummm - probably more I've forgotten about :)

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