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Headphones Owned audio-technica: ATH-L3000, ATH-W2002, ATH-W100, ATH-W11JPN, ATH-EW9, ATH-CM7Ti ; Sennheiser: HE90, HD650 ; Sony: MDR-R10, MDR-D77, MDR-E888SP, MDR-EX71, MDR-G82, MDR-G74, MDR-G73, MDR-G72, MDR-Q33, MDR-023 ; Grado: HP-2 JGSUWBRC, another HP-2 JGSUWBRC, PS-1 ; STAX: SR-007
Related Equipment Owned current amps: HeadAmp: Blue Hawaii, Balanced Reference ; Grace Design: model 901 ; Grado: HPA-1 amps being built: SinglePower: balanced SDS current sources: Accuphase: DP-85 SACD player ; RME: blackgate-modded Hammerfall DSP 9632 soundcard ; Sony: D-E01, D-465 current sources I'm borrowing from others: Exemplar modded Denon 2900 gkjhgjhgjkghjkh
Notes I'm ayt999 on the Head-Fi forums. :) I think I'm qualified enough to review headphones....

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