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Username slwiser
Date Joined 09 Jun 2005
User Status Senior Member
Number of reviews submitted 7
Headphones Owned ATH-A900LTD, ATH-W1000, Beyer DT-770-80, Ety-4P, Senn HD495, entry level Koss and Radioshack models, sold SR-80 and DT880 with cardas Cables
Related Equipment Owned Lavry DA10, Canare DA206 AES cable, iHP-140, RME Digi96/8 PAD with Breakout cable, M-Audio Transit, various Toslink cables, sold Headroom MicroAmp with Desktop module and MicroDAC, SuperMacro V3 Xin, Headroom Total Airhead Amp
Notes Head-fi org user name is slwiser, nothing special expect what you see qualifies me to be a reviewer. Mechanical Engineer by profession of 32 years.

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