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Headphones Owned KSC-35,50,55,75 PortaProI&II Beyer770Pro80 HD600 HD280 HD270 MS-1, Ety4S w/ Custom Westone mod #34, among others . . .
Related Equipment Owned Creek OBH11 w/ Elpac, Tandberd 3012, TAH 2004, iRiver SlimX, numerous vintage Marantz units used specifically for cans.
Notes Head-Fi Username= JB. I've been listening to headphones most of my life, intently for the last three years. I have an extensive collection of music and non-headphone related High-End audio equipment. I always try to "listen harder." Music is my greatest passion and my most fulfilling source of enjoyment. My audio gear philosophy is "downgrade." Upgrade-itis is a severe neurochemical disturbance and seems to affect those who are not entirely motivated by their own tastes and desires in attempts to achieve headphone nirvana. While I don't believe any one phone is capable of satiating the needs of diverse musical tastes, I do feel that many less-than-top-of-the-line cans are adequate if one really knows what they are looking for. The surest sign that one is honing in on their perfect match is when they perform a downgrade.

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