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Date Joined 19 Mar 2005
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Headphones Owned Beyerdynamic DT880 Audio Technica W1000 Audio Technica EW9 Alessandro M1 Sennheiser HD650
Related Equipment Owned G&W T2A Amp Denon DVD 2900
Notes Experience (> 2 hours on test soundtrack) to the following: Sennheiser HD600/HD650/HD280 Beyerdynamic DTX900/DT531/DT860/DT250 Pro2 PH-U585 Grado SR125/SR225/SR325/RS1 Alessandro M2 Westone UM1/UM2 Etypmotic ER4P/ER4S/ER6i AKG K240S/K240M/K240DF/K271S/K501/K1000 Just switched to a new job, hope that I have time to write something on my W1000 after settling down.

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