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Headphones Owned AKG K 601, Sennheiser HD 202, AKG K 404. I have used in the past several of the first "yellow" Sennheiser, other two AKGs and some of the Koss.
Related Equipment Owned YAQIN PH-5L valve headphone amplifier; Integrated amplifiers: REGA Elicit-R, Marantz 1070, NAD 302; DACs: California Audio Labs SIGMA, Lazzari DAC3, Cambridge DacMagic; CD players: NAD 502, LG VC8804M; Turntables: REGA Planar 3/Well Tempered TLC, Thorens TD 160/Sumiko Black Pearl
Notes I've listened the Bose models and some of the Grados, I like SR 225.

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