Grado GS1000 Headphone Reviews

Manufacturer Grado Model GS1000
Headphone Type Open Circumaural Headband Type Single
Weight (g) 311 Driver Type Dynamic
Enclosure Material Wood Isolation (dB) 0
Impedance (ohms) 32 Cable Length (cm) 200
Frequency Response (Hz) 0 - 0  
Connector 6.5mm with 3.5mm adaptor Street Price US$1000
Buy from  
Average reviewer scores
Bass Extension 8.5 Bass Impact 8.0
Bass Quality 9.0 Mids Quality 6.5
Highs Quality 6.5 Soundstage 9.5
Detail 8.5 Portability 2.5
Isolation 0.0 Comfort 7.5
Durability 5.5 Improvement With Amplification 6.0
Value for Money 5.0    
Overall Score 7.2 Total Reviews 2

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Reviews by our members

Review by Senior Member nickchen on 16 Dec 08  01:21
Individual review
Bass Extension7
Bass Impact7
Bass Quality8
Mids Quality3
Highs Quality3

A buddy borrowed me his GS1000 for 2 weeks.

I wasn't too excited about them. Resolution, blackness and soundscape were impressive, but the mids were congested by bass and the crazy treble to an extend that I almost found them recessed. No musicality as result. These might be the ultimate solution for the followers of a Ultrasone "bathtub frequency curve", but surely not for me.

For the record: The owner isn't too excited abut the GS1000 as well.

Review by Member CraneyR on 08 Jul 09  15:10
Individual review
Bass Extension10
Bass Impact9
Bass Quality10
Mids Quality10
Highs Quality10

Dear listeners. Don't fool yourself by trusting too much all those reviews of headphones which are put in this website. Many of them are simply are based on not careful listening, audio adjustment, and quite reckless judgement. I wonder how can one claim that Grado GS1000 sounds worse than many ordinary headphones while this particuar model won grand award among professional listeners? The sound of Grado GS1000 is incredibly pleasant and colorful. Bass is great. Mids and highs are naturally defined. According to my personal experience and preferences Grado 1000 is superior than Shure SE530/E500PTH in terms of sound quality and comfort. They will be merciful to your ears, not like many tiny audio pieces. I wish that I could afford to buy them. They are incredibly comfortable. Unlike many Shure and Sony earphones, Grado GS1000 gives clear reproduction of any sound including the hissing one such as ‘ch’ and ‘sh’. So far, those kind of wooden headphones were the best types of headphones which I have ever tried.
Bass Quality - 10
Mids Quality - 10
Highs Quality - 10
In addition, I have advice to Nickchen as well as to other audophiles: use powerful amplifiers designed not so much for headphones, but for speakers. Those amplifiers usually have knobs to regulate bass and treble. Also the use of equalizer could be great option as well as highly developed sound blaster. By this way, one can win not only in sound quality but also in saving some extra money.

Grado GS1000