Beyerdynamic DT931 Headphone Reviews

Manufacturer Beyerdynamic Model DT931
Headphone Type Open Circumaural Headband Type Double
Weight (g) 295 Driver Type Dynamic
Enclosure Material Plastic Isolation (dB) 0
Impedance (ohms) 250 Cable Length (cm) 300
Frequency Response (Hz) 5 - 35000  
Connector 3.5mm with 6.5mm adaptor Street Price US$142
Buy from  
Average reviewer scores
Bass Extension 5.0 Bass Impact 4.5
Bass Quality 5.5 Mids Quality 5.0
Highs Quality 4.5 Soundstage 5.5
Detail 6.0 Portability 2.5
Isolation 0.0 Comfort 5.5
Durability 5.5 Improvement With Amplification 6.5
Value for Money 6.0    
Overall Score 5.3 Total Reviews 2

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Reviews by our members

Review by Senior Member erikzen on 26 Dec 04  23:00
Individual review
Bass Extension5
Bass Impact4
Bass Quality6
Mids Quality5
Highs Quality4

This headphone represents a very good value for the money. It provides a very clear and detailed sonic image that is usually found in much more expensive headphones.

However, it suffers from a high end hump at about 5500 Hz that overpowers the bass, hampering low end impact. Bass impact greatly improves when used from a higher impedence output, such as Meier Audio amp with a 120 ohm jack, or by using a 120 ohm adapter. This does nothing to smooth out the problems with the high frequency, however.

A good performer with small jazz combos, acoustic music and soft rock. The cans start to show their weaknesses with faster music with lots of highs, such as hard rock with lots of cymbals.

This amp definitely needs amplification so don't try it out of your portable or sound card.

Review by Member milipili on 05 Dec 06  01:27
Individual review
Bass Extension5
Bass Impact5
Bass Quality5
Mids Quality5
Highs Quality5

I'd like to add on the results of a technical experiment I performed with a DT931 headphones. I generated and played a logarithmic frequency sweep 20Hz-20kHz @0dB to find out a deep between 4600 and 4800Hz. I lowered the input to -40dB that correspondes to normal quiet listening to observe linear freq. response around the mentioned freq area and silence within it! I guess this is fully unacceptible from a product within that price category. Even my PC headphones have no such dissapointing deeps in the freq. responce!

Beyerdynamic DT931