Submitting Headphones for Editor Review

We love getting headphones to review! It’s awesome to stay up to date with new releases in the headphone world, getting to try things out for ourselves and share them with our readers. The Audeze LCD-2 have been the standout cans we’ve reviewed so far, but the Beats by Dr Dre are still in rotation here to beat air conditioning and plane noise. Ultimate Ears also sent some really nice 5 EB Pro’s to review a while back, and while we were offered JHAudio in-ear monitors they never turned up, which was disappointing. We’ve never gotten Sony, Sennheiser, or Beyerdynamic headphones for review either.

Lately we’re getting a lot of cheap, poor quality headphones sent to us for review. Our reviews are honest and objective, so we pretty much bag them, but they’re not fun for us to listen to or review. Remember, this site is aimed toward quality headphones, not value headphones, headphones are reviewed according to their performance not their price.

We’re be happy to review good value, good performance headphones, as well as the high end, but please don’t send us rubbish. In future really poor performers won’t even be listed, as we don’t want to give them the SEO benefit of a link from our site.

4 thoughts on “Submitting Headphones for Editor Review”

  1. I have a set of ATH-M50 which I really like. I’m curious how they rate amongst the other headsets. Is there any chance of rating them?

  2. Looking forward to seeing if our new products make the cut. Great idea not even listing the poor quality head phones because most of these companies are probably just sending them for SEO benefits anyways. Any tips on how you guys can tell “rubbish” from quality right off the bat?

    1. Price can be an indicator of quality, but really we just plug them in and let our ears tell the story.

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